Sunday, 31 August 2008

Z wears old clothes

I haven't weighed myself this month. I see no reason at all to have lost weight, so why depress myself? I haven't been particularly bad, just not tried very hard. I did wear the size 10 skirt that I think I remember mentioning a little while ago (can't be bothered to open a new window to check, sorry) and I did write about it, but absent-mindedly wrote it for the wrong blog. There wasn't any point in taking it off and putting it here instead as it would still show in the RSS feed - how do people manage two or three blogs under completely different identities? I'd never know what I'd written as who) which at least has done my morale some good.

What did surprise me, when I clambered into a sari the other week, was how much I must have lost from my arms. When you buy a sari the blouse is usually tailor made for you, and you are measured in every way. Not just the bust and midriff, but the circumference of our arms, the width of your shoulders, and all sots of quite personal dimensions. The sari itself fits you, of course (being an 8 foot or so length of cloth) but the blouse is a bit unforgiving if you put on more than a few pounds. However, from having tightly-fitting sleeves, they are now appreciably loose. And there's another little jacket that I bought years ago which I didn't get rid of because I liked it; not only could I not do it up but the time came when my arms got stuck in the sleeves (yes, why did I even try to put it on?). Again, I can wear it easily now. All those things I didn't chuck away from the back of the wardrobe can be hauled out and brought into use again, to replace the stuff that now is far too big.

Mind you, after a good July, I will have done well to stay still in Aiugust. I can't remember if I've ever told you how I lost weight some 17 years ago. I'll have a look back and if not I'll tell you and we can all gaze, bemused, at the relatively young and steely-willed Z.


badgerdaddy said...

Didn't your previous weight loss involve not eating much and being a bit feeble when energy was required?

badgerdaddy said...

PS: Great work on the old clothes front. I just did something similar!

Z said...

I said that when I was thin I didn't have much stamina but that wasn't because of dieting as such.