Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Z is D C Pointed

And if you find a worse pun than that this week, then you'll have been reading Murph's blog.

Yes, I went to buy a new bra. I bought a dress for a wedding next week and none of mine will quite do. Those that are the right style are not the right colour. So I toddled off to Jarrolds in Norwich. I chose that shop because the last time I was fitted, the assistant eyed me, declared 34D, put her hands at my sides and confirmed it, and she was right. Today there were two much younger women and I was simply asked my size. However, the one I was brought was a bit large in the cup. We agreed that I'd diminished a bit. I now have a C cup.

Probably be back to an A by the time I've finished. *sigh* That was the other consolation for the larger size Z. I had a mighty fine cleavage for a few years.


J.J said...

Great pun Z..love it :-)

Lis of the North said...

I know the thing about the cleavage! But I think I'd rather see my chest diminish back to pre-tubby dimensions than behold my flabby tummy much longer.
Good luck!

Z said...


Hello Lis, thanks for dropping in! You're right of course, but I hope it doesn't all go, or droop horribly either. At least putting on weight in middle age meant some of it went to my chest.