Thursday, 26 November 2015

Old fool

Since my husband died, I've discovered that I still need to show that I care by preparing food for someone.  And that's been me.  So I have been, on and off, rather obsessed with cooking and with making lovely food.  Last winter, I was on a real baking binge, making bread every few days and cake at least once a week - which I mostly gave away.

In the summer, I turned the Aga off for a couple of months, so rather lost interest in cooking on my little Baby Belling.  It's kicked off again since, though rather less obsessively.  I have, however, recently taken up with a long-term friend who has become much closer than that, we love each other dearly and see a future together (and I'm coming out here, this is the first time I've said so on the open internet) and we both love cooking and eating as a bonus - though neither of us is inclined to overeat, fortunately.   But it's fun cooking together.  And eating together, obvs.