Sunday, 24 January 2010

Better oot than in

If Mr Farty will excuse using the name of his blog for a title.

I shall be severely disappointed if I haven't lost a pound or two in hospital. I'm eating very light food but I still can't keep it all down. I'm supposing that all my energy is going into getting over the shock of an operation and there's not always enough left for digestion. "are you passing wind?" asked the nurse. I admitted that I'm not always nice to be near. This is a good sign, apparently because it demonstrates that at least my digestive system is working.

Yesterday, I had three half slices of toast and a little marmalade, a small glass of orange juice and a plain yoghurt for breakfast, pea soup, grilled plaice and vegetables for lunch and couldn't manage it all, a few wine gums in the afternoon and a baked potato with tuna, salad and fruit salad for dinner. This last proved more that I could deal with.
I suspect that the Sage is planning to give me lots of good red meat on my return home, to build up my strength. I may have to hold back for a few days. Not that it wouldn't do me good as my HB is down to 9 because of the blood I lost after the operation, but it seems I'll have to be patient.

Oh, right. I am a patient. It comes in the job description.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Z resists temptation. Mostly.

This cold weather is quite trying for a dieter. It's terribly tempting to succumb to nicely warming fatty and carbohydratey things. I'm having to use reserves of willpower, normally kept for emergencies, not to eat biscuits. It's a bit like councils that are fast running out of grit. A few days ago, since I was going to spend a cold day shopkeeping, I added a little milk and a spoonful of muscovado sugar to my morning porridge.

Darlings, what a mistake. It was so much more delicious than my usual solemn brew that I've been wanting to repeat the experience ever since. Indeed, on the day, the Sage brought me a hot bacon roll from the caff and I couldn't manage it all, so whether harm was done is a moot point, but having only put on a few pounds a year to bring me to my sorry state of chubbiness, I don't want to risk going that way again.