Tuesday, 8 October 2013

New figures, old figure.

Sorry for the break. I bet you've hardly got any fingernails left.

Been away with work - Vegas for 11 or 12 days. Shitty food, and lots of it. My brother was there at the same time, too, so there was some alcohol involved.

However, before I left I signed up for Sober in October, a scheme supporting UK charity Macmillan, which helps families coping with cancer, usually in the form of nurses visiting and helping with domestic care. Or should that be domiciliary care? They help people at home and stuff. They're very nice and helped an old schoolfriend of mine's family out in a  big way when she was saying goodbye earlier this year. So they get my vote.

Anyway, this is actually my tenth day sober - I landed back in the UK on October first, and I rarely drink the night before I fly as I don't want to fill the plane with farts. And I don't drink while in the air, as it dehydrates enough as it is. So landed with two nights already dry.

And so far, so good.

Anyway, the figures are largely unchanged. Slight rise in muscle mass, probably because I have been using the gym a little in the last ten or 11 days.

p1: Normal person
Weight: 16.06 stone (224lbs) (+0.06lbs)
32.9% body fat (-0.4%)
38.6% water (-0.4%)
37.8 % muscle (+1.1%)
5.2lbs bone. (+.2lbs)

Profile 2: athlete
16.06 stone
27.9% fat (-0.3%)
43.7 water (-0.5)
41.4 muscle (+1.9%)
6lbs bone (+0.4lbs)

The bad news, however, is that we're not doing the marathon that was part of this crazy idea in the first place. Lily sprained her ankle weeks ago, ignored advice, went out dancing etc, and it's still not right over a month later.

Kids, eh?