Sunday, 22 January 2012


And the thing is, I'm not going to 'go on a diet' - that is, alter what I eat.  It's bound to fail in the long run.  You can lose the weight all right, but it's sure to go on again sooner or later.  Not if your weakness is for several packets of crisps and a couple of Mars bars every day, the thing to do there is just stop eating them.  But if you've got a healthy and sensible diet, there's very little to give up.

So I'm going to eat anything I want, but a lot less of it.  Small portions, never clear my plate unless I'm the one who's chosen the amount of food in the first place.  And if I'm still a bit hungry, that's no bad thing.  Think of being hungry as the body using fat.

I'm not giving up cheese again.  Life without cheese isn't worth living.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Z's back

I haven't weighed myself for months.  Too lowering to the morale, and I wasn't about to do anything about it, so better not to know.  However, yesterday I pulled myself together and clambered awkwardly on to the bathroom scales.

I rarely use these in any case, actually.  I normally put my contact lens in (and take it out) downstairs, so I don't find it that easy to read the dial.  And we've got these fabulous balance scales which we keep in the porch, where you stand on a platform and then add the weights and slide a bar until the balance tips.  But I just wanted an indication yesterday, so bathroom it was.

I'm pretty sure I've lost a pound or two in the past week, because I haven't been eating all that much.  But I was gratified, all the same.  I'd only put on 5 pounds.  Sadly, not all my clothes fit any longer, but if I get going again, I should lose that in a few months.  Yes, when I was young and keen I might have said a few weeks too, but it takes me ages and I hate becoming discouraged through over-optimism.

So it seems that I'll be posting again here.  And this time, I'm not stopping until I weigh under 9 stone.  Not the least likelihood of ever getting to my old (when young) weight of 8 stone 4 pounds, but that's all right.  Under 9 will be fine.