Saturday, 21 January 2012

Z's back

I haven't weighed myself for months.  Too lowering to the morale, and I wasn't about to do anything about it, so better not to know.  However, yesterday I pulled myself together and clambered awkwardly on to the bathroom scales.

I rarely use these in any case, actually.  I normally put my contact lens in (and take it out) downstairs, so I don't find it that easy to read the dial.  And we've got these fabulous balance scales which we keep in the porch, where you stand on a platform and then add the weights and slide a bar until the balance tips.  But I just wanted an indication yesterday, so bathroom it was.

I'm pretty sure I've lost a pound or two in the past week, because I haven't been eating all that much.  But I was gratified, all the same.  I'd only put on 5 pounds.  Sadly, not all my clothes fit any longer, but if I get going again, I should lose that in a few months.  Yes, when I was young and keen I might have said a few weeks too, but it takes me ages and I hate becoming discouraged through over-optimism.

So it seems that I'll be posting again here.  And this time, I'm not stopping until I weigh under 9 stone.  Not the least likelihood of ever getting to my old (when young) weight of 8 stone 4 pounds, but that's all right.  Under 9 will be fine.

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