Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I've been a bit lax...

...in every way. I haven't put any weight on (as far as I can tell), but I cancelled my gym membership because money is tight to say the least. I was running more, but work has knocked that on the head. I'm still walking the dog at least a couple of hours every day, but it doesn't quite get the heart pumping in the same way.

I have however applied for a golden bond place to run the London Marathon next year for our most wonderful local hospice. If ever there was an incentive to train, they are it. I needed that kind of push, so hopefully I'll get in and it'll be good for everyone involved.

I haven't gone unfit or nuffink, just not getting out regularly. Take today, for example. I thought I might get a lunchtime run in, as I had a dreadful night's sleep so I couldn't get one i this morning before walking Millie (she will run with me, but I prefer to do that with her away from roads and to get to places like that, you need to drive, and I don't/can't). I woke up an hour late, took the dog out, came home, had to go and take some photos for an article, then remembered we had a man coming to change the electricity meter. So no electricity, and no work getting done. Lunchtime run gone, as I had to stay in with him, and I ended up falling asleep. Might get the run in tonight, I honestly don't know yet. Probably not though. So I will do my knee exercises, and try it all again tomorrow, because running early works best for me.

I've been thinking about my health an awful lot lately, and my diet too. As I have a close relative of IBS affecting me (I foolishly ate a pear this lunchtime; it has already been evacuated, and it's only 2pm), I struggle to eat as healthily as I once did. I don't have a bad diet, but there's too much meat in it for one thing. It's partly essential though, as everything else seems to have me on the loo...

Too much information, I know, I'm sorry. But it plays such a big part in my life.

Both my parents have been in hospital recently, one having a kind of femoral bypass, the other finding out they need a double heart bypass and a valve replacement. Understandably, that had me thinking about diet, and how it's been thus far in life, and how it might need to change. But the barrier is a simple one - I eat anything green, and me and the toilet become best buds for a day.


I've not given up though. Just letting you know. And if the golden bond application is accepted, I'll even be weighing myself regularly, just to see...