Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Another year begins

I rarely write here, I'm afraid because, when I do say anything about weight loss, what I eat and so on, it tends to go on my other blog.  I didn't want that to turn into any sort of themed blog, but it felt quite all right as part of general writing about my life.

However, new year and all that, it's time for an update here.  Which is that I've succeeded in losing the two stone I set out to lose, all of five years ago, though I've fluctuated a bit on the way.  A stone and a half went in a year and the rest went very slowly.  I lost and gained a few pounds, but overall I kept inching down.  Actually, this time last year I bought a size 12 skirt again - it was a straight, fitting style and it went against the grain to go back up a size, but I liked it and it was in the sale ... anyway, it wasn't too good a buy because it's now too big.

And how much too big can be demonstrated by this photo, of the skirt I'm wearing today.
As you see, a size 10 is roomy.  In fact, when buying this, I rejected a couple of others because they were too large.  Of course, makes vary and so do styles, but I can't be less than satisfied with progress.

On the other hand, I still weigh a good half stone more than the weight I used to be comfortable at: 8 stone 4 pounds.  I ate a lot over Christmas and haven't gained anything, but I need to cut down now or I soon will.  I don't think my previous weight is necessarily anything to aim at now - what was good 20 years ago might not give me the resilience to illness I have now - I seem to have a pretty good immune system.  Also, losing weight makes wrinkles show more.  Also, I dread osteoporosis and want to make sure I have a good diet with plenty of calcium, and that means cheese.  I don't take milk in drinks, though I use it in cooking, and I love cheese.  Life isn't worth living without it, frankly.

I will write another post or two here because I do seem to be finding a lifestyle that suits me, that I can maintain (with some care) a healthy weight and still eat what I want, pretty well.  Though it'll take a few years before I know if it's sustainable.  However, that I've managed to do what I set out to and have done it steadily, that I've lost the last few pounds that stuck there stubbornly for so long and that I've lost those that I put on in the interim has to be counted a success.  Not quite xylophone ribs, but at least they are visible.