Thursday, 26 November 2015

Old fool

Since my husband died, I've discovered that I still need to show that I care by preparing food for someone.  And that's been me.  So I have been, on and off, rather obsessed with cooking and with making lovely food.  Last winter, I was on a real baking binge, making bread every few days and cake at least once a week - which I mostly gave away.

In the summer, I turned the Aga off for a couple of months, so rather lost interest in cooking on my little Baby Belling.  It's kicked off again since, though rather less obsessively.  I have, however, recently taken up with a long-term friend who has become much closer than that, we love each other dearly and see a future together (and I'm coming out here, this is the first time I've said so on the open internet) and we both love cooking and eating as a bonus - though neither of us is inclined to overeat, fortunately.   But it's fun cooking together.  And eating together, obvs.


John Gray said...

Food pleases me ......on my own or in company

Company is bettertake note x

Z said...

Hello John, I didn't know you read this blog, rarely as it's updated. yes, I agree with you on both counts.