Friday, 19 February 2016

Pissed off, but improving

All this weight, I've put on all this weight. Like, dude. 35-40lbs. It's a lot.

Z told me not so long ago to eat less. I think the problem is more to eat less shite, and to drink significantly less. I know that's been a huge part of my additional calories over the last 18 injured months.

Injury though, may now actually really be manageable. Mostly with the application of heat, so that's nice and easy. It seems the problems are my calves, and my quadratus lumbator or psoas muscle in my back. They are the source of the stiffness that can become quite debilitating (I will never forget my 37-weeks-pregnant partner having to dress me. Not a good day).

My better half bought me some new road running shoes just after Christmas, and they remain in the box, unworn. She has written a note on top in black felt pen that says, "Please wear me!"

Soon, my pretties. Soon.


Z said...

Well, you're right of course. It's not just how much you eat, but what.

Mind you, I can't talk. I know I've put on weight and don't quite dare weigh myself.

BTW, I mention sentimentally, I discovered from my blog that we first met each other on 1st February 2006, when you bought a potato from me. Awww.

badgerdaddy said...

A lot has changed in ten years. Crikey.