Monday, 11 August 2008

Beer returns with consequences

Well, I nearly made it to three weeks without beer, but myself and Tropy Wife had to attend a wedding this weekend, and I ended up having some beer. Not loads, but enough. I think I had about six bottles at the do, so that's about four pints (330ml bottles), and a couple of larger bottles at home, so about six pints in total.

I was a little drunk, but fine. Didn't feel especially bad for doing it either. But that night and the next day, the bloating and general ill-feeling – not to mention farting like a rhino – told me that not drinking is, for the moment at least – far more fun for me.

Also, I am lighter than I was, and this can only be down to two and a half weeks of not drinking. I haven't even had much exercise, but I am at least two kilos lighter than I was... This is good. But I was weighing myself in the evening, so my loss could be even greater, as I'd have eaten a couple of meals and drunk loads of water prior to weighage.

In short, I am lighter, and this is good. Beer bad.

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