Friday, 8 August 2008

Biscuits? Not even tempted.

It has been a bit hard to get back to not wanting to eat more. I had a reasonably substantial and not even low fat lunch of five water biscuits, Boursin cheese and three almond-stuffed olives and was hungry again by 3 o'clock. A packet of biscuits was open.

I've eaten three plain rice cakes. I am not going down the biscuit route. I don't feel satisfied, but at least I'm not hungry.

I saw friends yesterday and someone asked how the hip was doing. I said it was doing very well indeed and demonstrated how easily I could drop onto one knee, tie a shoelace and rise again. I wasn't actually wearing laced shoes, the point was that at this time last year (I know because I was at a particular annual event; it was the Sandringham Flower Show) I couldn't. I had once to sit on the ground and awkwardly reach as far as I could and another time, because I hadn't done it well, find a low wall that I could just lift my foot to and just bend to.

All my friends yesterday have arthritis. One had a hip replacement this Spring, one has had, following an accident in her thirties, several operations and now has a pinned hip and a disabled badge on her car and the third has knee problems. They asked what has made the difference. I said that the weight loss is the only possible reason. And I'm not stopping until I'm below eight and a half stone.

The last time I weighed that I was in my early forties. If I'd never put on the weight, I suspect I'd not have had hip trouble for years to come.

Please let this encourage you in your efforts if you're dieting too and don't have joint problems yet or if they're just starting. A little over a stone lost has made a real difference to my health - not my general health, I feel fine now as I did a year ago, but to my wellbeing and mobility. I didn't expect it to be so much better already. In fact, using the light switch on the wall as something to aim at, I just lifted my leg as high as possible. I could only do it for an instant and not long enough to turn the light on (call me odd, but I often used to turn on the light with my foot) but I could get my leg that high. Before I started dieting I'd have been nowhere near it (I have extremely short legs, by the way).

Oh go on, I'll do this properly.
*patters off to get a tape measure*
*patters back, having measured*

The inside leg of my trousers, which are full-length and fit, is 30 inches. The light switch is 52 inches off the floor. I should think I kicked a foot higher than last time I tried, about 6 months ago.

In short, it's worth it. Don't wait for the embarrassment of your doctor advising you to lose weight when you aren't even that fat. The speed of the weight loss isn't important. Just get used to eating what you need, not what you fancy. And leave what you aren't really hungry for on your plate.


badgerdaddy said...

*checks* Yep, I can turn the light on with my right foot, and reach the switch with my left. Not so mobile on the left side though.

I think the only reason I can is because of my supple hamstrings though. They're great. I often get approached in the gym (when stretching them) by people saying 'I wish I could do that'.

Anyway, good advice on the weight loss/mobility front. And noted.

Z said...

I have really bad co-ordination and I'm very right-handed and -footed. I wouldn't even try with my left leg!

Ooh, supple hamstrings. I do admire your hamstrings. I don't know if mine are supple or not, but not much of me is so I doubt it.

badgerdaddy said...

They're also the reason I sometimes get back trouble though... They can contract pretty far when not stretched or used particularly, so it's not all good.