Friday, 29 February 2008

Feeding up

I'm in the interesting situation of cooking meals for a friend who's just come out of hospital, eats like a bird at the best of times and needs to pick up a bit of weight, and feeding myself so as not to put on weight. I've decided she'll just have to have plenty of bread and butter and add butter to her baked potatoes. Of course, I have baked potato plain. I have for years. I don't even add butter to asparagus or artichokes. I'm so virtuous, me, how did I get in this state?

Yesterday, I made leek and potato soup with home-made ham stock and some milk added at the end - no other ingredients except seasoning, I didn't even sweat the veg in butter first. After it was cooked it was still slightly salty from the stock, which is the reason for the milk, though I'd have added it to her portion anyway, for the added nutrition. I also made a fish pie, topped with mashed potato. Instead of cream and lemon juice, I added greek yoghurt to the sauce. She had enough, with a chicken salad, to last her for today, but I've been making a pot of minestrone soup today to send round, and will think of some sort of casserole as well. And then there's Sunday. Hm. At present, Ro is planning to cook Sunday lunch, because I'm looking after the grandbabies all morning.

Hm again. I need to do quite a lot of cooking tomorrow.

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