Monday, 4 February 2008

A bit of a tantrum

I felt that I could easily slip back into old ways today. I suspect that slight despondency (and therefore a disinclination to bother) can be blamed on the knuckle of my middle left finger, which has ached all day. So has my knee, and my hip is sore. Bugger and *insert filthy word of choice*. It doesn't matter, it doesn't exactly have me writing in agony, but it's made me a bit fed up and lazy.

I was nearly home when the Sage rang. Of course, my bag was in my pannier and it took a while to get the phone out - he was reminding me I needed to buy butter and cheese. I couldn't be arsed to turn round again.

I wanted some of the ham left from the weekend gammon joint for lunch, but I didn't have it. I knew that I'd make it into a hulking great sandwich and I'll be having fish tonight and didn't need it. I opened a tin of chickpeas, added tomatoes. cucumber, a chilli and the juice of half a lemon, spooned half of it on a plate and topped it with plain yoghurt. After I'd eaten that, I got back on the bike and went and posted a letter and bought the butter and cheese. And some Chinese noodles, more yoghurt and chickpeas and some excellent apple juice with ginger. I don't drink much fruit juice as I think it's better to eat fruit but this was my act of rebellion against sodding dieting.

Oh for goodness sake. That's so absolutely drippy. What do we want? Fruit juice. When do we want it? When I've biked home and got out a nice wine glass.

I'm going to the kitchen now to eat an almond.

The Sage has dug up some lovely leeks, so I'm making soup with them, a couple of potatoes and the ham stock.

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