Saturday, 16 February 2008

Eating less, enjoying more.

I am, too. I'm sure I haven't lost a bit of weight, but I'm eating more slowly, and eating smaller portions too.

I'm also trying to make sure I don't miss meals, and also am enjoying reading the ingredients of what I buy.

Most interesting in this was looking at the ingredients of a cereal bar TS wanted. I read the list in disbelief – you'd think with a name like Nutri-Grain it would have something good in it… But it's only 34 per cent cereal, if I remember correct – and it counts rice flour as a cereal in this context.


Worse, there are six different types of processed sugar in it. Six!

I had a cereal bar on a flight back from Germany a week or so ago and it really was outstanding. Dense, chewy, tasted like shit and there was not one bad ingredient in it. Bulking these things out is usually done with trashy ingredients, but this seemed to use quinoa, which was a nice surprise. And it took me three quarter of the flight to eat the fucker, too. I'm going to have to email them (EasyJet, of all companies!) to find out the manufacturer of that wonderful bar...

Mmmmmm, food. Gym tomorrow, and we shall see what happens with their scales. Which, let's not forget, I like quite a lot.


The two weeks on a trolley team said...

My comrade in porkiness. I concur that disgusting cereal bars are the only route to a clear conscience :D

Dr. Thunder

Z said...

D'you know, I don't think the rate of losing weight matters at all. It's eating right that counts and the weight will go in the end, possibly when we're not looking.