Saturday, 23 February 2008

Z's sin is pride, not gluttony. YES IT IS

It's not been a particularly good week, food'n'exercise-wise. I can't remember Monday; that is, bits stand out, but I don't know why I didn't cycle to the high school, though it wasn't mere laziness *cough*. I was out all day Tuesday in Norwich, I did cycle on Wednesday (bloody early too, whatever possessed me to make an 8.30 am appointment at the hairdresser?), I was out again on Thursday in Norwich and it was wet and windy yesterday.

Food wasn't much better. I had leek soup and bread when I went out for a snack lunch with friends one day, but the soup turned out to be full of cream. Thursday's lunch was roast chicken and vegetables (including fried potatoes) and a lemon mousse. Not too bad; I left the accompanying cream, but I ate the chocolate that came with coffee. Fuckit, life's too short.

It's been general slight overeating and not doing enough - not a week I will have lost weight, which doesn't really matter as such, but I don't want to start taking as the status quo. It's all too boring at the best of times. And I've eaten all those ruddy ricecakes. Really, no one needs to eat a whole packet of ricecakes in two days - it's not as if one salivates helplessly at the sight of them.

I've redeemed myself somewhat today though. Porridge for breakfast, a tiny piece of Stilton (really, it was) with dry bread and cucumber for lunch, and yoghurt to follow. Since then, a few ricecakes - no need to go cold turkey here, and the packet is still half-full after two days - and lots of raw vegetables. Tonight, I'm cooking a gammon joint, mashed potatoes, sprouting broccoli, turnips and carrots, which is virtue personified. And wine. Jesus, darlings, I've stopped cutting down on wine. I'd rather eliminate the ricecakes. Oh, and I did cycle in to town. I also spent the morning working in the shop and I didn't half ache at the end.

If only it were vanity that had put me on this diet. It'll be pride that keeps me on it, however.


badgerdaddy said...

I might list what I ate yesterday... Might not. I think I fell off the wagon though.

Z said...

Add an apple, an orange and four winegums to yesterday's list. And a small glass of apple juice, which I forgot to mention.

Eat a packet of crisps for me, will you darling?