Thursday, 21 February 2008

Never an empty mouth

I've gained a worrying addiction to rice cakes. They may only be 17 calories each, but they still are food. It's my own fault of course, for bringing the packet in here.

A friend said 'but they taste like cotton-wool'. Well, so what's wrong with that? Quite toasty cotton-wool, after all.

It's having something to nibble that is irresistible. If there's no food, I don't think about it. I must remember to make bowlfuls of raw vegetables to keep in here instead. I don't believe raw vegetables have any fattening properties whatsoever, however many of them I eat.

Right. I'm going out to lunch. It'll be a set lunch and I don't know what will face me. Think of me. I may be gone some time and return two pounds heavier.


badgerdaddy said...

I just ate an entire big pack of Snack--A-Jacks. Bugger.

Z said...

Damn their irrestistibility. Damn my inability to spell (surely all those i's can't be right)