Friday, 15 February 2008

Z weighs herself

Right, it worked. I didn't even have to reread the post to strengthen my resolve. In the night I decided to weigh and measure myself and come clean about it.

And darlings, I'm rewarded for my courage, because I've lost another pound and a half since the end of last month.

So. Weight: 10 stone 6 lbs (actually, with my ultra-efficient Victorian scales which weigh in 2oz increments, it's really 5 3/4 lbs but that sounds just too desperate, so let's stick with the 6)

I'm weighing myself with my clothes on, because the scales are in the glass porch (my mother in law used to call it the loggia, but I'd rather ... well, I'd rather not).

Measurements: 37" 28" 39.5"

I can see that you might say why am I calling myself fat? That's not so bad. But the thing is, I am 5' 2.5" tall and I have a small frame. For me, this is pretty porky - although more than half a stone less porky than it was at the end of October - I suspect I've lost at least half an inch all round since then. And it redistributes itself as you get older. When I was young, my thighs and hips would get bigger. Now, it spreads nicely, on the back, the arms, over the ribs - evens up and makes me more in proportion, but it's deceptive.

Anyway, from now on I'll weigh and measure myself about once a month. And write it down.

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