Thursday, 31 January 2008

6.5lbs? Shitting hell.

I think that's how much I put on in the last two weeks.

Part of the problem with myself and food (and drink) is that I have to travel a lot with work. Not as much as I did, but enough. Take the past week and a bit; four days in London, back home for a day and a bit, then off to Germany until yesterday, Wednesday. Well, while at exhibitions etc, it's hard to eat properly; it's hard to even eat well. And in Germany… It's hard not to drink Munich's incredible beer, and eat in a pub – which basically means meat with meat sauce, on a plate of meat (less washing up, see).

So the last week, I've had lots and lots of meat, and eaten out all the time as I had no choice. And consequently, I think I've put on a few pounds. Well, I've hardly eaten any fruit or veg, and had fuck all fibre – end result, I feel bloated, I look like shite. Surprised? Me neither.

I weighed myself earlier, and I was 17st 2lbs. I was wearing a fair bit more than usual, in my defence, but I would say that still puts me at around 16st 10lbs at least. This is not good. And I have a cold, which has hit the pipes a lot, so exercise is pretty much out of the question until that's cleared up a lot more.

Pfffft. So much for being a racing snake by April.


Z said...

What? You've got my 6.5lbs? I wondered where they had gone.

I'm sure they look much better on you than on me, darling, and I don't want them back.

badgerdaddy said...

They would look better, except they seem to have settled on one foot.