Saturday, 12 January 2008


I made it to the gym, finally. I did a tiny bit on the treadmill to remind my body of what running is like, I did core strength work (plank, side planks, ball work), leg presses (with all the weights on – nice to know the legs haven't lost strength if everything else has. Pressed 180kg, which is quite impressive, I think), dips, raises, curls (a new technique I learned to build stamina and strength – very interesting, and tough), rowing machine and that's it*.

Was only in there for about 50 minutes, but it was a nice wake-up call. I will be back in there Sunday or Monday, and building some miles on the treadmill – I have a place in the London Marathon and will struggle to be ready in time for that.

And of course, I would like to be showing off my xylophone ribs by then too.

*Then I came home and had a really fine fishfinger sandwich. Mmmmmm.

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Z said...

I understood 'treadmill' and 'rowing machine'. The rest confused me.

But well done