Friday, 4 January 2008

Fit and healthy seems so uncool and just not me

People around seem to be keeling over with colds and worse, but I'm strangely healthy. Must be this worthy food and hearty exercise I'm experiencing.

But it's been cold this week, for cycling. I would have cried off yesterday - there was a bitter wind and it's miserable going over the Dam, with the wind lashing in your face or trying to sweep you off the bike - but the Sage decreed and I am an obedient woman. No, really, I am.

Today was almost pleasant in comparison. Indeed, when I found someone had been in too early to pick up the bantam eggs I'd taken for him (they give us lots of leftover home-made bread in return - for the chooks, we're not reduced to eating stale bread), I blithely cycled to the outskirts of town (in the wrong direction*!) to deliver them.

I was a couple of hours out, by the time all was done, and it was 2 o'clock and I was vastly hungry when I arrived home. I heated up the rest of last night's potato and cauliflower curry (should have just been potato, but the cauli looked a bit pale), adding an extra chilli and some more cumin seed, a spoonful of pumpkin seeds and a large dollop of yoghurt, because it really was quite hot by then and ate a substantial yet strangely virtuous lunch.

I am, however, still completely undone by the Indian halva my sister brought. Thank goodness she only brought one box...and it's nearly empty. Three more nights and I'll have scoffed the lot, and I'll have to wait until I visit India again (not this year) for any more.

*In the opposite direction from home, not in the wrong way to his house. that would have been stupid.

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