Sunday, 18 November 2007

Mmmmm, food.

I know my next meal. I'll be eating it in about 30 minutes, all being well.

12oz T-bone steak with four poached eggs and hash browns (as I'm in the US, they're a lot better and not quite so lardy...).

I'm hungry. But I just ran 80 minutes in 20-degree heat, so I think a large-ish meal is in order. My metabolism should stay on high-burn for another hour or so, and as long as I eat in that time my body remains happy. And it's lots of protein and lots of carbs, both of which I really need right now.

Even so, still a bit on the lardy side.

My stomach is thankfully firming up again due to running. It plays a major part of the firmness of the abdominals, which psychologically can leave me either feeling fine or feeling really lardy, though the difference to the untrained eye would probably be minimal.

Running is going well, but I'm already thinking of what I want to work on when I get home. Not done any weights for ages, so want to start doing that again, as well as swimming, cycling and tennis. As long as I get to see my glorious girlfriend in that time as well, it should work out fine. I'm lucky in that she loves sports too, and her daughter is just about old enough to be left on her own for an hour or so, as long as we don't take the piss. She might even want to come with us on a few sporty excursions, which would do her good and give us all some quality time.

Diet will also change when I get home, thank goodness. Hope the other half doesn't mind me cooking a lot – steamed veg, loads of fish and rice… Bliss. Living with no cooker has not been good for my diet at all.

Ramburbling again.

And Z, TMI? I was not aware it was possible to have too much information. Congratulations on your Stealth Poo, or Ninja Movement. You choose.

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Z said...

Well, at least I don't get a Rim Of Fire. Extreme retention has its compensations.