Saturday, 24 November 2007

The chocolate cake diet

I went round to a friend's house the other evening. There were bowls of chocolate biscuits on the table - Twixes and Kit Kats and the like - and crisps. This friend is a large lady and I can rather see why, now. At the end of the evening she produced slices of gorgeous-looking home-made chocolate cake. I didn't take a piece, and someone asked why, so I briefly explained.

"I haven't lost any weight" said another friend, tucking appreciatively into her slice. "The nurse has given me a food diary to keep now. I can't keep it up though, writing down everything I eat, so I'm just putting in everything I shouldn't eat but do."

"For tonight, I'll put in a chocolate biscuit and a slice of chocolate cake." "Don't forget the crisps," someone else reminded her. "Oh yes, and a handful of crisps."

This lass is about ten years older than I am and has a heart problem. She must weigh three or more stones more than I do. Why on earth is she taking the piss? At least I'm trying.

The London trip went surprisingly well, foodwise. Knowing I was going out for dinner, I skipped lunch. I also walked for miles and was very gratified to be quite comfortable. Very flat, London.


badgerdaddy said...

Bugger. I left an incisive, brilliant comment on here and it's gone somewhere else.

Ah well. Think of something brilliant and incisive, then pretend I wrote it here.

I think you're doing very well with these diety things, Z, I really do. x

Z said...

Oh peach, I feel so boring.

Still, I get to eat oysters and feel virtuous instead of self-indulgent. I'm really in the mood for raw food. Steak tartare next, I fancy.

God, you're brilliant. And incisive.