Saturday, 17 November 2007

Hungry no more

Well, that was interesting. During the afternoon, I made a cup of bouillon (god, what fun) and had some toast (and then stole raw vegetables that I'd prepared for dinner, as usual) and it seems to have made a difference, in that I pickily left some of my dinner as I used to. So I'd just been going too long without food.

I do rather wish I knew if anything was happening. One skirt is swivelling all around me - the waist was always a bit big but now the hips are too - but the one I'm wearing now seems quite hugging as usual. I only weighed myself a couple of days ago, so too early to tell if there's a difference - besides, I always have my contact lenses out so can barely see the dial on the scales. I wish that one could buy a pair of magnifying glasses as one can reading glasses, for a few pounds. I'm not going to spend optician's prices for them.

Ooh, nearly a disaster today. Unlike the great Badger, I and the loo are virtual strangers, however fibrous my diet. I was on the phone this morning to a highly chatty person, and the moment finally struck and I was most uncomfortable. After ten minutes, and thank the Lord I was on the internet phone and not the other one (thick walls in our house, there are blank spots), I had to visit the lavatory, still in conversation with her, and be very, very quiet about it. I'm sure she was blissfully unaware. I suppose I should have gone and weighed myself after that, it was several days' worth. Aplologies, BD, for tmi (for, even though this blog has now gone public, no one else knows about it - as far as I know).

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