Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I've not seen my ribs for some years

The thing is, there was not a lot wrong with my diet in the first place. People who suggest eating a little less of whatever I already eat haven't watched me eat. A square of chocolate makes me quite happy. However juicy the steak, if I've eaten enough, I leave the rest. I rarely butter toast or a baked potato, and eat corn on the cob unadorned by anything but seasalt.

Nevertheless, I've gained three pounds a year or so for enough years to have a bit of a problem. Not a huge one - I can still see my feet and, come to that, bend and touch my toes, but the surplus has all got to come off.

My doctor has stressed that I should not lose weight quickly. Losing weight slowly is quite a hard thing to contemplate, as it's very unrewarding. I don't find it hard to be disciplined (look, of course I mean self-disciplined, no S&M around these parts thank you), but it's hard to lose weight at all, without the disappointment of not noticing any difference at all for several weeks.

On the other hand, I haven't cut out alcohol. This is good. And I have something in reserve to lose if the weight doesn't come off.

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