Thursday, 15 November 2007

Aim low

Matters have improved somewhat, though only in my perception of myself. I clambered on my own bathroom scales the other day and discovered that, according to them (should that be it?) I weigh 10 stone 6 lbs. This is several pounds less than the total that horrified me at the doctor's and shows I haven't actually put on anything much in the last few years (I lost my nerve long ago and stopped weighing myself at all).

Like Badgerdaddy, I want to lost a couple of stone. 30 lbs, to be exact, because the last time I was comfortable with my weight, I was 8 stone 4 lbs.

Having bought a smart, if old-fashioned, new bike, I am trying to use it most days. Badger's point about being consistent is a good one - if you do something regularly it will become part of your routine and not an annoying add-on. Of course, it may depend somewhat on the weather that this winter throws at us. I don't mind rain, but I doubt if I'll want to cycle in snow or frost.

I went out to lunch today - I am the sort of person who belongs to a luncheon club, sadly - and I expected to break the diet rather badly. However, there was a rolled fillet of plaice in a sauce followed by fruit salad. I left most of the sauce and didn't have cream with the fruit, so can eat the steak that the Sage has bought for tonight with a snowy conscience.

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