Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I eat...regularly, but not as often

So, the eventual aim is to be 8 stone something, for which I need to lose a couple of stone. I aim to get there within two years, which should be achievable.

I don't do specific diets - I don't follow other people's rules too well. My guidelines are simple - low fat, low sugar, don't eat between meals and let everything I eat be delicious and nourishing. The main adjustments to my regular diet are the lessening of fat - I did use butter and olive oil in cooking and ate modest amounts of cheese, chocolate, biscuits... What I hadn't appreciated was that I graze. The first night, as I was cooking dinner, I found myself eyeing the pack of pine nuts lying on the counter and I would certainly have eaten a few, usually.

On the other hand, I don't eat because I am cold or tired or miserable or stressed. I don't crave foods and there is nothing that I feel I couldn't give up. I like all vegetables and am eating more of them than ever.

Come to that, I'm eating more at meals. For breakfast, I have my usual boring dry toast. That is my default breakfast. I have, however, added a bowl of plain yoghurt - if I'm not having cheese or any other dairy product, I think I need some extra calcium. For lunch, I started by having home-made soup and more dry toast, with yoghurt to follow. Within a few days, I was heartily tired of soup, delicious though it was. Lunch is proving something of a problem, as I often had cheese or eggs. I still eat eggs, but not too often. Sometimes I have a sandwich, with a slice of meat and lots of salad, or if it's cold I might have a baked potato and salad. Today, I had half a tin of chickpeas with a chopped chilli, some cucumber, fennel, celery and pepper, dressed with the juice of half a lime and a splash of balsamic vinegar and topped with more of that sodding yoghurt.

If I'm hungry before dinner, I eat raw vegetables. This is having no effect at all on my digestive system, I'm relieved to say. I am not a little ball of flatulence, but that is, no doubt, because I am a Laydee.

For dinner, I eat whatever I'd usually eat, but I'm very sparing with the amount of fat I use in cooking. And if there's roast potatoes or something, I'd have one small one. I've diminished the amount I drink, but not vastly - a glass of wine on its own is slightly disappointing, but half a glass more makes all the difference.

Tea and coffee are always drunk without milk anyway. Yes, I realise how boring I am.

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