Thursday, 15 November 2007

I didn't even know...

...I had ribs until I saw the bit in the bible about Adam and all that.

But apparently, they are there, hiding, waiting for their moment to pounce and show to the world that, rather than my current one-pack, I have some abdominal muscles.

Right now I weigh somewhere in the region of 16stone, 7lbs. That's a guess. Last time I weighed myself, I was 16-4, and I think I've put some on since thanks to lack of exercise and not having a cooker.

The cooker thing is a real problem when you want to eat well, believe me.

So as I write this I am feeling rather flabby, thinking how much I would have enjoyed going for a run this very morning, but instead I am working in a hotel room in Las Vegas. In less than three weeks, I am running my first-ever marathon.

Training had been going beautifully until a foot problem, a deadline and back pain came to my rescue, and now I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to cope with the unique stresses of endurance running. My longest training run has been just over 12 miles, and I have to top that if I am to go into a 26.2 mile race with any confidence. I can do that though, after all I have two and a bit weeks where I can run every day if I want to, starting tomorrow.

Unlike Z, I think alcohol is off the menu for me, so with regular training – which is something I absolutely love, I just let life get in the way a bit – my weight should be wonderfully manageable. I've looked at different ways of running, training plans and all that, but I aim to go back to how I ran when I started. Every other day, without fail, and just run as far as I feel like doing, and a longer one or two every week in there. No discipline to it apart from that of actually getting out there and enjoying it.

Soon though, I am moving house, and I will have access to a cooker, which I am very happy about indeed.

I'm rambling and burbling, which combined would either make, erm, burbling or, erm, rambling.

Let's go with ramburbling instead. It sounds quite exciting, like ram-raiding (not in the Welsh sense) but with burble.

I'm only 5' 6" tall, and am very, very heavy – around 230lbs, US Fact Fans. But I am also very, very fit, and love exercise. And I'm very, very dense, and pretty muscular. I'm also just a bit lardy, and would be very happy with being about two stones (28lbs, US Fact Fans) lighter. This would help with all the sports I enjoy, not to mention making nice clothes more approachable. I one broke a River Island top – in the shop – just by trying the fucker on.

Less of that would be ideal.

Post-marathon, I aim to use the gym more often (as I enjoy it, and it's excellent stress relief as I have a reasonably demanding job, and I'm currently not using my membership at all), and also to swim a couple of times a week. Tennis at least once a fortnight, along with all that running and I think I'll buy myself a bike in the not-too-distant future as well… Combine all that with no drinking of note (it seriously upsets my stomach and leaves me bloated and lethargic to say the least), and I should see my xylophone-like ribs in no time. Well, I think I should be either two stone lighter by about April, or at least be much leaner and be carrying more muscle. Either is fine.

As long as I'm happy with it, and not a boring bastard. And then I can think about more marathons for later next year…

PS: Sounds to me like Z's doing everything right. Her new bike will make the difference, mark my words...


Z said...

Two stone lighter by April? Fuck me, I'll be glad if I've lost half a stone by then. I'm glad this isn't a competition.

badgerdaddy said...

That's only if I can get some kind of balance in the work-life-exercise thang. I'm happiest when I exercise regularly, so if I can get the balance right life will rock. It's more about that balance than the exercise.