Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Last Friday

Well, the weekly weigh in drama continues unabated. But due to my strange life, I didn't sit at the computer until today, so here we are.

Life is fucking strange, isn't it?

My knee is sore again, so have hardly run in the past week. I have also eaten a lot of pizza, which has been that delightful combination of unhealthy and tasty. But that shouldn't affect these figures particularly. This Friday though, whole different story.

The knee thing will affect the experiment, as I don't think I will be able to do the training cycle fully, and I doubt I will be doing the crazy marathon I had in mind. You never know, but I doubt it. However I have really been enjoying the running (though I haven't been out in six days now, which is depressing me a bit) so will endeavor to keep up the extra miles.

Still haven't added swimming though.

Anyway, I digress. Kinda.

Profile 1 (normal person weigh-in)
15stone 13.4lbs (223lbs, US Fat Fans) (-2.4lbs I think, 5.4 overall)
32.8% fat (-0.5%)
39.1 water (+0.8)
37.4 muscle (0.3% drop!)
5.0 bone (0.2lbs drop)

Profile 2 (athlete, ha!)
15 stone 12lbs (222lbs, USFF) (fuck knows why - scales were not moved between weighings)
27.5% fat (-0.8%)
44.6 water (+1.1)
40.4 muscle (-0.3)
5.8lbs bone (same)

Somehow, I have lost in the region of 5lbs in a couple of weeks, while drinking heavily and snorting pizza. I think I have found the perfect diet...


goatman said...

Too many numbers, go swimming.

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