Friday, 16 August 2013

Round 2

And so the experiment continues.

I didn't manage an entirely sober week - in fact, I had just the one night without alcohol, but another night with just a very small amount. I had intended to do four runs since last Friday's weigh-in and only managed three, due to circumstances beyond my control. And you don't mess about with marathon training and try to catch the miles up another day - the run is gone, look to the next one. Don't encourage injury.

So I ran Sunday, and did about 80 minutes of ridiculous, huge hills, some of which were un-runnable, so we walked up as fast as we could manage. For the race we're training for, it's about time on feet; the 28 miles could take up for 7 hours, even if we're fit. It's a hard race, so I'm training Lily to pick her battles. No point fighting your way up a huge hill on mile four if you have 24 more miles of it afterward. Run smart.

Anyway, that was Sunday. Monday, I missed the group run for good reasons. Wednesday took a beginner up another huge hill, up some switchbacks which included some short walk breaks. Only perhaps a 30 minute run, but a good hard test.

Thursday, we ran one of the biggest hills in the area. Yes, there were walk breaks, but it's another hard one. No shame there. Also, walked the dog for 2-3 hours every day, including a huge one this morning.

So there has been exercise. No more than usual, really, but it's there. And slightly less alcohol, in fact over 1500-2000 calories less, I would say.

I'm stalling.

So, to the unveiling. Drum roll please, Z.

Profile 1 - non-athlete.
Weight 16st 1.8 lbs (-3lbs) (226lbs, US Fat Fans)
33.3% Fat (the same)
38.3 water (.5 improvement. .5 of what, though?)
37.7% muscle (1% drop)
5.2lbs bone (same)

Profile 2 - athlete
Weight: 16st 1.8 lbs
Fat: 28.3% (-.5%)
Water: 43.5 (-1)
Muscle: 40.7 (-1.4%)
Bone: 5.8lbs (-.4lb)

Hmmmm. I guess this was my control week then.

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Z said...

3lbs in a week? Pretty good going.