Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'm back

I took the dog round the village, I think he was just bored as he didn't seem desperate to cock his leg, though he did so, of course, during the walk.

Right, back to what I've eaten so far today.  I've used the Google calorie calculator, which I remember finding quite useful before.  iGoogle is vanishing in November, but that doesn't matter, it'll do for now.

Today, I've had muesli for breakfast, about an oz, 30 grammes, which is 2/3 of their suggested portion. But I'm only 2/3 of the average size of person.  I hate milky cereals, so only have a splash, enough to make it undry.  According to the calculator, it came to 141 calories.  For lunch, I had whole lots of cheese, Stilton, the local unpasteurised brie-style and Cheshire.  I guessed 1 oz of each.  I had two Ryvita and about a quarter of a Matzo cracker because I still had cheese left, some cherry tomatoes and some cucumber.  This was 412 calories.  Later, I had a couple of almonds, but the quantity doesn't go down far enough - however 1/16th of a cup is 33 calories, so that will do.  I also had some light beer, which seems to be 102 calories.  That makes 688 calories altogether and apparently I'm allowed 1639.  But it's not 4 o'clock yet, I have cake in the tin and dinner to come, so I think I'll use them.  However if, on average, I'm a hundred or two short of what I use, I suppose it has a gradual effect.

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