Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Waisting away

Well, I measured myself again for the first time since February, and I'm 34-26-36.  An inch off the waist.  And I weighed myself and I'm 8 stone 7, which is a pound less than the last time I looked, some time ago.

I'm not restricting what I eat at all, though being moderate in quantity.  Size 10 is on the big side, but I haven't tried an 8 yet, largely because I haven't been shopping for clothes recently.  I don't know why it is I'm still dropping weight, very gradually indeed (no health issues), but it has to be the overall quantity of food I think.

I may keep a food diary for a while, just to see what I seem to be doing right.  I can't remember what I did before, whether I used an app or what, but I'll have a look for one.

Today, usual present breakfast of - hang on, dog needs to go out.  I'll be back.

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