Monday, 5 August 2013

No change

There's still no particular change - that is, I'm not weighing myself and my clothes are still roomy.  However, I realise I'm becoming a bit casual and it would be easy to get into the habit of 'just one won't matter' whether it's chocolate biscuits or whatever, and sooner or later it will matter.  So I'm making every effort not to get into bad habits and am mostly successful.

As for exercise, I'm afraid I've got way out of cycling.  There always seems to be an excuse - and I never did start to enjoy it, even when I resolutely cycled most days.  I've been walking a lot recently though - we've been looking after friends' dog for ten days and it's meant a lot of extra exercise, some of it even for me.

Badgerdaddy and I haven't seen each other for a while, living at opposite sides of the country nowadays, but are planning to put that right before long.  Woo and hoo!

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