Monday, 2 September 2013

Pizza consumption and the modern man

Turns out eating lots of pizza can add lard to the body. Who knew?

So, weighed on Saturday this week. Mostly because I'm a dipshit and forgot on Friday; interestingly (or not, depending on your view) I weighed after a 6+mile run, so probably lost some weight in fluid.

Right, here we go. Bear in mind, this was a reasonable week of running though nothing spectacular - probably about 15 miles overall, certainly no more - and that volume of pizza.

Profile 1 - normal gadgy:
 Weight: 16 stone (224lbs) (+0.6lbs)
33.2% body fat (+0.4%)
39% water (-0.1%)
36.7 % muscle (-0.7%)
5lbs bone. (same)

 Profile 2: athlete
16 stone
28.2% fat (+0.7%)
44.2 water (-0.4)
39.5 muscle (-0.9)
5.6lbs bone (-0.2lbs) 

I blame the pizza. But it could have been a lot worse... STILL no swimming though. That will be next week now...

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