Saturday, 25 August 2012


They say a good breakfast sets you up for the day.  Well, I find that a good breakfast sets me up for lunch.  I don't eat any less for the rest of the day if I've had a good breakfast.  If I'm on a serious kick-start to some weight loss, then skipping breakfast altogether is the quickest way.  I'm not saying that this is a good thing, just that it works.  It isn't something I normally do, though sometimes I do wait an hour or two before having breakfast and then have a very modest lunch as it's not long since I've eaten.

The thing about cereals, and muesli in particular, is that it's easy to eat more than you realise.  Read the side of the muesli packet and it says how many calories are in a helping, but it's only if you weigh it out that you discover what a small helping that is.  And then there are the surprising number of calories in fruit juice, especially if you pour out a full glass.  If you squeeze your own orange you find out what a small amount of juice it actually gives.

At the moment, I'm plugging on with my small amount of plain yoghurt and some fruit.  If I want more, I have an egg instead, poached, on half a slice of toast.  

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