Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Following doctor's orders

I'm just about hovering on the 9 stone mark, as long as I weigh myself first thing in the morning, naked and breakfastless.  But I've got to go under that, so I still haven't got down to where the doctor advised, nearly 4 years ago (3 years and nearly 10 months).  But, since I was perilously close to 11 stone then, I've done reasonably well, because I lost weight, gained a bit, lost it again and kept on losing.

I can't help having goals, one seems to need something to aim at.  And I'd like to have reached the weight I want to be by my birthday next year.  I'm not quite sure what that is, truth to tell, but I'm guessing about 8 1/2.  It is the maintenance that's the difficulty of course, over a period of time.  I'm having to eat less and less to lose anything at all and the temptation to relax is ever-present.

Today - one of those small yoghurt drinks for breakfast.  I bought a pack of them for Zerlina as the antibiotics she's on wipe out the 'good bacteria' as well as the nasty ones.  Then, after she'd had the first, I forgot to take them back to her house.  75 calories

For lunch, a rollmop herring, 92 calories and some cherries, about 15.  Don't know how many calories are in a cherry.

An hour ago, a slice of bread from a small loaf, lightly buttered.  Happy to say I don't know how many calories in that either.

Now, a small piece of cheese and a glass of white wine.

Later, a small piece of plaice, some potato and runner beans, tomatoes and carrots.  I do not rule out ice cream, or possibly a couple of squares of chocolate.  There will certainly be another glass of wine.

Oh, and I've remembered the diet breaker.  I bought some fresh Kent cobnuts today.  I can't resist them.  The question will be, in eating the cobs, can I not eat chocolate or ice cream?

Can I, punk?  Do I feel lucky?

I feel a bit hungry, actually.


badgerdaddy said...

I'm not bloody surprised! I'd be climbing the walls on that diet, as all I've done is up and up my exercise. Which I will post about soon...

Z said...

I've just noticed, it's five years. Damn. 2 stone in 5 years isn't very good.

Even eating that little, weight loss is still incredibly slow. I ought to cycle more, but I've become quite inefficient at timekeeping and only leave enough time to drive places.