Thursday, 23 August 2012

Z weighs in

To my relief, I've lost two pounds.  I say relief because I've been so very careful, eating so little that if I'd not lost anything at all in the past month I'd have been quite despairing.  All the same, two pounds.  Jesus.  It isn't much, not for all the abstinence.

Today, I ate a small amount of yoghurt for breakfast, a couple of peaches later, some leftover kedgeree for lunch (a small helping) and during the afternoon a slice of bread and Marmite (no butter) and a small square of cheese.  1 cm, perhaps.  Oh, and a couple of glasses of wine; that is, I'm on the second glass.  Tonight, we're having steak and the Sage is cooking.  This won't be a weight loss day.  Oh, I had a couple of cherry tomatoes, do they count?  I might have had some orange juice for breakfast too.

Anyway, size 10 jeans are roomy.  Appreciably roomier than when I bought them a couple of months ago.

It's hard, you know.  I don't want to eat much at a time, my appetite has diminished a lot.  But I seem to be denying myself several times a day.  Still, getting there.  I could be trying this much and not losing anything at all.


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