Friday, 10 August 2012

Z doesn't eat for the sake of it

I'm working on only eating when really hungry and only eating enough not to be so.  If you think about it, it's likely that you often feel like eating, feel a bit peckish, but we eat too regularly to be genuinely hungry very often.

Yesterday, I put a couple of dessertspoonfuls of plain yoghurt into a bowl and took a nectarine to eat while the kettle boiled.  I ate the nectarine but I'm not sure what happened after that - suffice it to say that I never got around to making the tea and, this morning, the Sage asked me what was in the bowl.  But a nectarine for breakfast and a couple of plums and an apricot seems to have been quite enough.  Dilly and I went out for lunch with Hay and I ordered a salmon and cucumber sandwich.  A while later the waitress came back to say they were out of salmon, would smoked salmon be okay, and would I like it with cream cheese or cucumber.  So I had smoked salmon and cucumber, ditched one slice of bread and made a single sandwich with a nice thick filling, ate the crisps and salad that came with it and drank a can of lemonade.

Much later, getting ready to go out for supper, I realised that lemonade was all I'd drunk that day and had some water.  That's a bit of a downside, once one starts to not eat much it's only too easy not to drink much either.  I had a vegetarian salad and summer pudding with a glass of wine for supper and a chocolate with coffee.  I'm not going to keep up this light food and not much of it forever, but it's easy not to eat too much in the summer and my 'delicious and/or nutritious' rule still applies.

I gave the Sage the yoghurt to offer to the chickens and had today's two dessertspoonfuls and a glass of orange juice.  I'm still a bit hungry actually, but I've had enough to eat for now.  Some fruit later or maybe, since Weeza and Zerlina are heading over here, I might dig out some ice cream.  

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