Friday, 2 January 2009

Not quite to plan

I had planned to spend my Christmas break chilling, exercising, that kind of thing. I did approximately 50 per cent of those, though. Not the exercising 50 per cent, sadly.

I did get some exercise - myself and Trophy Wife did a very nice bike ride one afternoon, which was a reasonably undulating, if not hilly, six-miler where we averaged just under 10mph. First time I've done any distance on a bike in a couple of years and it felt pretty easy.

I got to the gym a couple of times, and on one occasion weighed myself to discover I am under 16 stone, which is pretty good. The next time I was over, but it was much later in the day in my defence... Last workout was two days ago, and I did something I have never done before - I did exercises with the sole intention of making running better and easier. I did some core strength, I worked my adductors and abductors (muscles on the inside and outside of thigh, but I forget which is which), did some dips (okay, maybe not ALL running focussed, but that was the only one that wasn't), did a bit on the treadmill and, most importantly, did some lunges. 32 of them, to be precise.

I hate lunges. I find them very difficult indeed, and it causes pain in the right arse muscle for a couple of days afterward. It's the kind of pain which tells you, quite simply, that you need to do more of them. The stride pattern starts in the arse, you see, which makes it a very good exercise for runners and non-neutral runners in particular (well, me at least, as it complements the exercises the physio gave me).

Funny thing is, yesterday, I put my undercrackers and trousers on without tripping at all. Sounds daft, but I always, always catch my right foot on undercracker, trouser or both, and I only realised yesterday it's partly because I can't actually raise that foot all that high from standing.

To summarise my Christmas, anyway: I drank lots of beer for four days, then switched to wine, which I drank only on New Year's Eve. Food was in sensible (for me) portions, and regular. When hard exercise was not an option, we went for longish walks and they were ace. Each was around an hour at least. Was nice.

I still feel pretty good, though some more exercise would be really excellent, so I shall be in the gym quite a lot this weekend.

Waist has not shrunk, but I am a gnat's cock away from being a jeans size smaller than this time last year, so I'd say things are moving in the right direction.

More soon.

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Z said...

I'm not sure what lunges are, but at my age if it hurts I don't do it for long. I think it's a good day if I get dressed without sitting down. It's interesting though, as I'm so right-legged that I am vastly impressed by raising that leg (especially to put the light on) whereas I know I can't lift or move my left leg as my co-ordination is rubbish and it's not that it hurts, but it doesn't happen.

In short, darling, get on and get fit and lose that weight. It'll be harder when you're my age. I think you're great because you keep on coming back, and that's hard. Lots of people start well and then flag and give up.