Monday, 28 July 2008

Update, recap, nightcap, foolscap

Well, I've been away a while. I was busy with work all last week, and actually only got back from Germany last Monday, kind of. I landed in England Sunday, but too late to get home so stayed overnight in London, came back on Monday.

Too much detail? Maybe.

Germany was fun, but when I got home, I discovered WonderWife had left me out a plate of roasted vegetables, which I wolfed down pretty much in one, with very little chewing. So starved of veg and vitamins was I, after a week of excellent beer and the closest to nutrition I'd come had been Camembert bagels with a bit of salad in. I had a pretty good time though, and the beer overkill plan seems to have worked. By the Sunday night, I could only manage three beers over about five hours, compared to pretty high consumption in the preceding evenings.

Since I got back, not a drop has passed my lips, and with little willpower required.

I've only made it to the gym a few times since returning, but enjoyed every one, and made them short and intense, which works for me. Yesterday myself and WW went on a bike ride around the dams at Rhayader, which was really beautiful and, with the heat, actually quite demanding. The first few miles are a steady ascent, but you're rewarded with a killer downhill on the way back. I haven't been on a bike for over two years, since a doctor advised me it was a bad idea. But since then, I figured out what I'd been doing wrong (not using the gears, relying on a bit of muscle to get me up hills – puts terrible strain on the knee joints) and have rectified it, I reckon.

We cycled just under 11 miles on a gorgeous day, and replenished the stuff we'd lost with Doritos and Lucozade Sport, and half a ton of water.

It was a good day, though my arse is a bit bruised.

Today it's a full day of work for me then gym this evening, when WW and child go to the cinema, and... surprise surprise... some running shoes just arrived for me, so tomorrow I go for my first run in months and we'll see how that goes. Running regularly is more likely that anything else to shift weight on me, and I enjoy it hugely, so… y'know.

How exciting. Oh, and I think I'm half a kilo lighter.

Oh oh, and WW told me that when I got back from Macau in June, I had put on weight – apparently, on some work trips, when I get back I'm visibly heavier! I doubt that's correct, I suspect it's just being bloated from beer, which happens big time around the stomach. It doesn't really agree with me, overall, so I'm probably best off with this dry thang.

I'm burbling. In short: exercise going well, life is good, still lardy.

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Z said...

it's the bruised arse that just could be too much detail.

I find it almost impossible to eat enough fruit & veg when I'm abroad. You see all this gorgeous stuff in the markets, but little of it gets on your plate in the restaurants.

Like the title