Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Z is determined

I didn't get in for the strawberries in the end, I was too busy. For lunch, I had another third of the small pineapple, a banana, 5 corn cakes (like rice cakes but, er, corn - they are like squashed popcorn) which are 16 calories each and more yoghurt. A 500g pot lasts 4 times. And a couple of lettuce leaves and some cucumber. I can't remember eating anything during the afternoon, though if I did it would have been a jelly baby or a couple of corn cakes. For dinner, we had smoked mackerel - I suppose I ate about half of one, maybe a little more - there were two between three of us, salad and new potatoes. I had about a teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise as it was all getting a bit worthy. Oh, and two glasses of red wine.

For breakfast, which I'm only just eating as I've been babysitting, I'm having more plain yoghurt (oh joy) the final third of the pineapple, a passion fruit and a nectarine. I have a small melon for my lunch, which I'll share with the Sage if he's around, and another banana and yoghurt and corn cakes, or I might indulge in a few rice cakes instead. Tonight, Dilly has suggested a barbecue and is getting sausages and burgers, which we'll have with salad. I will indulge in potato salad as hers is so good - not over-mayonnaised like all bought ones. I will stock up on champagne, as that's lower in calories than other wine.

I've just finished breakfast. I'm hungry. Hungry is good.

Later I've remembered what I ate during the afternoon. Raw carrots. The new season carrots are lovely, good flavour and some substance to them. I've just eaten another one now.

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