Monday, 14 July 2008

First goal reached

I don't count alcohol as fattening. I've been drinking a lot too over the last few days. On Saturday, there was the beer festival in the village, and you have to support village events, don't you? Two pints of bitter and a half of mild - actually, I suspect that Badgerdaddy won't accuse me of binge drinking there, but usually a couple of pints at lunchtime is my absolute limit - though it must have been about 4 o'clock by the time I'd drunk all that, so it wasn't lunchtime any more. A couple of hours break for a cup of tea and an unbuttered scone (a naked scone, in fact) and I was ready to start on the wine.

Of course, the trouble with lunchtime drinking is that I get used to it very quickly and I had more of the wine yesterday, and at least half a bottle in the evening. I could get defensive about this and explain how hard I'd worked over the weekend, but I'll not bore any of us with that. Unlike Badge, all this booze won't make me lose the wish to drink, but I won't feel the wish to, now all the work of the village fĂȘte is over.

Anyway, back to being less bulgy. One starts to notice people, and some of them, who aren't even fat, are quite floppy. Others, who according to the scales are overweight are quite firm and muscly, so don't look as big as they are (I include Badge in that). I'm something in between, I suppose and there are certainly bits of me that I think won't ever look okay again as muscle tone, once lost, is really hard to get back (upper arms; triceps in particular, and stomach, I'm referring to) but I have no roll of fat around my waist at all, which does please me. People have said my face is thinner - I'm not sure that a thin face is much use to me, especially as it lets in the wrinkles. Can't have it all ways. They say that after 40 a woman has to choose between her face and her figure - let's face it, it all goes in the end, doesn't it? It's the health one has to try to hang on to, with a degree of luck.

Yes, I managed to shift that extra little bit of weight, so the first stone officially came off. Since I aimed for 2 lbs a month, I suppose actually I was only about 10 days behind schedule. I think the next stone will be lost much slower. 20 pounds in a year would be good - that's another 6 by the beginning of November. Might be a bit ambitious, but one has to have something to aim for.


Marjorie said...

Interesting to know.

Z said...

Could it be that you're trying to sell me insurance, Marjorie?