Monday, 30 June 2008

Z is not hungry

Well, for today I seem to have cracked the energy thing. It's not a long-term answer though. I didn't eat. That is, I didn't get around to doing much food shopping last week and I ran out of everything I might have eaten for breakfast, such as bread and yoghurt. There were no rice cakes, no fruit, no vegetables. It was too hot to want to make porridge and I didn't feel like muesli. I wasn't very hungry at all, so I just had a cup of milkless tea. In the course of the morning, I ate a few wine gums and a couple of small pieces of licorice and one breadstick. At about 1.20, I was wondering what to have for lunch when a friend called to look at my car (don't let's talk about it) and he was still there when I had to go out an hour later. As I pedalled busily into town, it occurred to me that I was going very speedily considering the wind was against me, and also that I had not really had anything to eat.

An hour after that, I ate a nectarine and an apricot. Another hour on again, I've just eaten all of a small melon. I have stocked up on proper food though now. I'm wondering if eating mostly fruit, and maybe yoghurt, for a few days, with just one proper meal in the evening, would kick start the weight loss again. After all, it's too hot to want to eat much at the moment (I'm not complaining about this, it's lovely weather).

Anyway, I think the grumbly mood of yesterday has passed.

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