Thursday, 12 June 2008

Still groovy, mostly

Except I'm even heavier.

I'm drinking less, eating less, exercising a hell of a lot more, and according to some scales, I'm even heavier. The ones down at my mum's yesterday reckoned I was nearly 17 stone, which is... erm... 238lbs, US Fat Fans. That's a lot.

Anyway, I'm still loving the exercise. I've been focussing on simple things. Weights sometimes, dips almost every trip to the gym (biceps, shoulders and chest have never been in better condition), and always at least 30 minutes of intense cardio. My 'pyramid' routine on the cross trainer is punishing; start out at level 8 (sorry if I told you this already) and up the resistance every 30 seconds until I hit the top level, 25, and then work down in 30-second increments. On a spiky course. It's hard and then some, but because it's in 30 second chunks it feels kind of manageable.

Kind of.

And I've been on the stepper, which is just plain evil. I'm up to 12 minutes on it now, and it's so, so hard. But satisfying, and it burns a lot of calories, so I'm starting the day in deficit and keeping an eye on what I have to eat so I don't go mad and over-eat straight away. Little-ish and often-ish.

Ah, it'll happen. I feel good, and I feel strong, and I have two new pairs of running shoes coming in the post soon. That really will make a change, I think. I'm at the point where I have missed running hugely, and I can't wait to get out there early mornings, from here to... Well, eternity.

And I shall weigh less, dammit.


Anonymous said...

It's muscle weight i'm sure of it!

Z said...

Does the gym has scales that say what proportions of your weight is fat, muscle, water etc? If you could find that out and keep a record, you'd know how you were doing.

J.J said...

It's hard to do but try to only use the same set of scales and don't get on them more than once a week - leave it longer than that if you possibly can. Then if you carry on as you are doing you will see the results when you get on the scales.

That cross trainer routine of yours sounds evil. I am wondering if I have got the bottle to try it. Probably not!!!

badgerdaddy said...

Lizsara... I'm not so sure, but a fair amount of it certainly is!

Z, no they do not. Probably for the best... But a good point, actually. Might invest in some myself. Or spend the money on beer instead. Who knows?

JJ, I only use the scales at the gym, and once a week or less. Otherwise it just gets boring. They have those ones that you have to balance, you know what I mean? A slidey balancey thing.
And yes, the cross trainer routine is evil indeed. It's really, really hard, but quite satisfying. Not as hard as the bloody stepper though, that thing's Satan himself.