Sunday, 29 June 2008

Z feels bored

I thought I might come to enjoy the cycling, or at least find it less of a burden. I started to, but that was before I became tired because of other matters and I haven't really got into it since. I have been busy and it's been impossible to find time every day, but to be honest, I've found excuses not to bother. On Friday, I even took the car into school, on the pretext that I would be cycling in to town later in the day and there was no need to slog in twice.

I'll persevere, of course. I'm tenacious, if nothing else, and I've got a whole lot of work to do on the computer this week and it'll do me good to get out for some fresh air and exercise. A friend has offered me, Dilly and the children, the use of his (lovely, indoor) swimming pool and I'll see if we can manage to go. We had been going to the local council pool for some time, but we've been too busy for weeks. I won't mind putting my face under water there, something I don't like doing in a pool where, no doubt, lots of little children (and quite possibly bigger ones too) have been peeing.

I've lost a little weight, but I still haven't got below 10 stone, which means I haven't yet lost that first stone, as I was just under 11 when this started. I'm within two pounds of it, but it just won't go. And even when it does, I suppose the second stone will be harder to lose than the first.


badgerdaddy said...

Yes, the second stone will be harder, but the offer of a swimming pool might have come at just the right time.

Z said...

It's just so limiting, not being able to do any exercise that involves running or anything that hurts the hip. I mean, I've got a perfectly good tennis court and I like playing tennis, but I am afraid to try - sudden darts to reach the ball wouldn't be a good idea, and as for running backwards...

Anyway, I'm bored with the idea of food now, so I can't be bothered to eat breakfast. I'll wait until I'm about to fall over.