Sunday, 22 June 2008

I am beshrunked.

Or something. Really, I am. And I shall explain how I know this, for I have not been on the scale for a week or so.

Well, I've been mixing up the exercise a bit – last week, I got an hour of tennis in, and also an hour of five-a-side football, on top of the usual. That said, I did miss a gym session because of work and stuff, but played football that day instead. So it's been a good week for exercise, and I may yet go to the gym today, because I'm feeling groovy.

I digress.

1: My belt immediately falls to the next hole down when I pull it closed now. That must be a good thing, right? Right. And it's not uncomfortable, or shrouded in lard when I do it; I just need the belt on the next hole down.

2: Zöe, my lovely wife, (when not shouting 'Fiiiiigs!') noticed that my body shape has changed. not hugely, but in a significant spot – the bit of chestliness down the side is, dare I say it, pretty solid and un-lardy. A good start, as it alters the line of the body.

3: The lady that does transcription for me turned up yesterday as her daughter goes horse-riding with ours. First thing she said to me? "Have you lost weight?" I'm pretty sure the answer to that is no, but something must be happening – I suspect the fat is moving...

Watch this space.


Dandelion said...

The fat is being replaced by muscle. Hence no net weight loss. Very good.

Dandelion said...

ps, had to do the word verification three times before it would work.

Z said...

We've got WV switched on? Bugger, darling, sorry - I didn't know.