Monday, 6 October 2008

A bad week.

Not just in terms of waistline, either.

Been away with work from Monday to Friday, and this involved four flights, umpteen trains, four hotels, and some beer. I was quite pleased with my beer consumption, which totalled only 11 pints for the week. This is partly because I had a horrible cold for the week too, I think. But even so, it's less than it could have been. Not much to do on the outskirts of Coventry on your own for three nights, for example.

Food-wise I tried to be a little sensible at least. It's very hard when you're away with work though, as healthy-ish food in airports simply doesn't exist. But I didn't eat too much, on the whole, and got plenty of sleep and did lots of work.

Thing is though, the cold has put the mockers on any exercise for the moment. It's in its second week now, and I still feel like shite (I think this is at least partly down to all the travel and work, and not having the chance to just sit still and recover). So no running, no gym and no tennis or football for at least another week, I think. Barring a minor miracle, I mean.

Here's an example of how shite my week was in terms of incident. I went to Bulgaria on Monday, and came back on Tuesday. I took Euro with me, as I knew Bulgaria had entered the EU in January 2007. The lady at Sofia airport who was there to advise me on cabs etc explained I needed to change it to Lev (or Leva, Bulgarian currency) as no cab drivers would take the Euro and she didn't think anyone else would, either. I changed it. Got back to England late on Tuesday, went to the bank Wednesday morning to change currency back. They refused, as Bulgaria had 'switched to the Euro'. When did they do this, I asked, as I have just come back from there? Today, said the bank lady.*


*Things like this make me think I should still have a blog. Ah well. Shared here instead. Won't do it again though, honest. I put it on here because I then went outside and ate the money.


Z said...

Horribly difficult to eat well but sensibly when away, and really hard to eat much in the way of vegetables.

I think that bank lady (lady, my left foot) was just trying to be annoying. Didn't you ask for the manager?

Of course you should still have a blog. Your blog was brilliant and I miss it awfully. I appreciate why you had to stop, but those who got in your way are Total Arseholes.

J.J said...

I know I shouldn't laugh about the Bulgarian currency story, but I just can't help it. Thanks for sharing it!

B.E. Earl said...

Wait a long has badger been posting over here? I feel out of the loop!

Z said...

He didn't tell you? Oh Badge, it's a good job you've got me to keep your social life going.