Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tomorrow is a moveable feast. How Z lost weight 19 years ago Part 2

As last year, I knew that there wasn't much wrong with my diet, and I was pretty energetic. I had three children, a 5 year old and 2 teenagers and an Irish Setter and I was always busy. I didn't take extra exercise - I used to walk my son to school and run home again and the same in reverse in the afternoon and I played tennis and walked a fair bit but that was about it. So I thought it all had to be done with a change in diet. And this was it...

Breakfast - 2 slices dry wholemeal toast and a cup of black coffee

Mid-morning - 1 piece of fruit

Lunch - A salad sandwich, comprising two slices of dry bread with any amount of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber and a small tub of plain yoghurt

Tea (this was the daily indulgence) - a cup of black tea and 2 Rich Tea biscuits

Dinner - mostly vegetables. For example, I might do a stir-fry with loads of vegetables and a small amount of meat. I'd give all but one sliver of meat to the family. I would have a small potato or helping of noodles or rice.

That was it. And I reckoned on eating that at least 4 days a week. That, I'd count as a weight-loss day. Any addition, such as Sunday lunch with a roast potato, or a Saturday night glass of wine - that is, a single addition, was a neutral day. Anything more at all, such as a small steak or anything containing sugar made it a weight-gain day. The weight-loss days had to outnumber the others, that is, I followed that for at least 4 days a week and the neutral days had to equal or exceed the weight-gain days. So, 4-2-1 or 5-1-1.

I never touched cheese, chocolate, had no more than two small glasses of wine a week, and never cheated. I wanted to lose 12 lbs on top of the 5 I'd lost in a weekend (which i didn't regain).

I wonder how long you think I took to lose 12 lbs on this regime?


badgerdaddy said...

Let me see... take the six out... carry the 2... divide by 682...

Six weeks!

Do I win a prize?

Z said...

You would, if you were right. You are not right, I'm afraid.

Dandelion said...

Um....two weeks?

Z said...

Getting colder, Dan

Z said...

Oh, the next edition is still in draft. i wonder why I didn't post it. Maybe I stopped in the middle of a sentence or a word or somethi