Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Cheese, and tomato

I bought some gorgeous cheese at the market last week and I've been finding it very hard indeed not to eat too much of it. I hope Ro has finished it off now. I do have some proper Cheddar (made in Cheddar and matured in the caves) that Al and Dilly brought back for us from their holiday and, having eaten a little, I want the rest. Yesterday, I wandered around craving cheese. This is pathetic. I'm sure I've put on a pound or two in the last month - I haven't weighed myself because that would make it official - or at least stayed the same; the latter doesn't matter at all but I am very anxious not to backslide as I know how hard it is to get a weight loss going again when you have got into the habit of eating a little more.

So, yesterday I ate rice cakes again and had a tomato sandwich - just bread, lovely home-grown Red Brandywine tomato and a little salt - and plain yoghurt for lunch. I wanted more all day but I didn't have it. I felt too discontented to go out so didn't get on the bike - I will today though. In the evening, I made kedgeree, with salmon. I didn't have any celery so used an onion, but added no butter, though I did add a dollop of Greek yoghurt. We also had lots of french beans from the garden and Black Russian tomatoes.

I shall have to be very strict with myself for a few days until the cravings diminish. It makes me very conscious of how hard it will be to maintain a lower weight. Dieting is relatively easy, because I don't eat forbidden foods, or only very occasionally. But when one eats a moderate amount of whatever one wants, it's easy for that amount to creep up. I find it easy to resist the cream and the cakes and the obviously 'bad' foods, but very hard indeed to turn down 'proper' food that happens to be high in fat, but that's not what I like it for.

It's not all bad news though. My daughter, turning out her wardrobe a month ago, passed on a few work clothes to me that she won't have occasion to wear again. One of the pairs of trousers, which she said were close-fitting round the hips, were indeed. Loose at the top, but only just do-up-able at the zip. I'm wearing them easily today, so weight must be redistributing itself in a reasonably good way. The skirt I wore yesterday, which I bought a few weeks ago, is very slimming and I'm pleased with it. It's a 12 in a Petite range, and is rather loose on me. It's a pity that it won't fit me this time next year. Because that next stone must come off. Damn. I want cheese. Maybe if I cut a slice and just lick it?


badgerdaddy said...

Freeze it. Cheesipops aren't fattening at all.

Z said...

GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU MINION OF BELIAL. Well, that may be a bit unfair, but I mustn't cheat. I can't do it all again.

Mm, cheesipops - NONONONO GO AWAY